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Mimi Stoneburner, Host of Body Talk is no stranger to the field of medicine. She has a degree in Health Education from San Diego State University. Mimi pioneered some of the original anti smoking education programs for the schools throughout San Diego county. She has an extensive background in both traditional and alternative medicine. Her experience and knowledge was put to good use as creator, writer and producer for the medical segment called "You be the Doctor". This television medical news segment featured her husband, Dr. Larry Stoneburner and was nationally syndicated.

For over 10 years, Mimi has hosted Body Talk, a live, weekly radio health show that looks at the latest in both traditional and alternative medicine. Mimi works with major publicists and large book publishers to find experts to interview for her show. The hour is very informative with up-to- date information listeners can use. Recent book authors include Dr. Barry Sears (Zone Diet), Bernie Siegle, M.D., (Love, Medicine and Miracles plus his sequel), 38th generation traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Mao (Second Spring), Melonie Beattie (The New Codependent), Stephen Sinatra, M.D. (Reversing Heart Disease Now), David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., PhD (Anti Cancer, A New Way of Life). Julian Whitaker, M.D. has been on her show many times and Mimi has co-hosted with Dr. Whitaker on his national show called Healthy Talk Radio.

Body Talk airs live on Saturdays from 2-3. The show is podcast the week after beginning Monday night on Listeners are encouraged to call during the show. Mimi also hosts two other shows, Buyer's Market and Trader's Market.

K-TIP Radio is owned by the Stoneburners. This family owned business is one of only 6% of all radio stations in America managed or owned by a female. The station has won many awards including Small Business of the Year for the city and local chamber. Mimi is a past Board Chair of the Porterville College Foundation and past chair of the Porterville Chamber of Commerce. In her spare time, she manages, with her husband, a 40 acre ranch near Giant Sequoia National Monument.


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