Hopper Chats

Imagine a day without radio!  A day without K-TIP Radio is like a day without knowledge, information, & entertainment.  Welcome to "Hopper Chats" on NewsTalk 1450, K-TIP.  Our chats are live, local interviews with the people making the news;  The Mayors, The Supervisors, The Councilmen, and even local Police Chiefs and other dignitaries who lead and guide us.  Plus, our "Hopper Chats" include local college Presidents.  The chats aren"t only informative, but they"re local, timely, and another way to make sure our elected officials are communicating with YOU, as well as following through on their promises to You!  Enjoy "Hopper Chats"  weekday mornings at 7:30 on K-TIP, or right here on your computer.

Mayor of Tulare @ 7:30am
Porterville College @ 12:20pm
Tulare County Supervisors @ 7:30am
Porterville Police Chief @ 12:20pm  
Mayor of Visalia @ 7:30am
Exeter City Administrator @ 12:20pm
Mayor of Lindsay @ 7:30am
Farmersville City Manager @ 12:20pm